Today is National Publicist Day and it’s only appropriate that we pay tribute to those hard working PR types that labor behind the scenes and on the front lines, to garner coverage for their clients.  Among those we wish to celebrate, are those incredibly talented folks that we call on every day to do the heavy lifting of public relations…the ones that actually land the stories, mentions and op-eds that are the lifeblood of this business.  We are proud of INK’s network of media relations specialists…all senior professionals with actual media experience.  They’re made up of former producers and publicists from the New York and LA national network news staffs… NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN. They’re business journalists that have covered the Fortune 500 and the next big thing in technology. They’re publicists from the rarified world of entertainment… movies, television, and the new media. They’re tough, experienced reporters from the wire services and newspaper staffs of major metropolitan dailies and small local media outlets, and from small market radio stations to National Public Radio. They’ve covered everything from presidential visits and foreign wars to two-headed pigs in Iowa. They’ve covered major software announcements in the high tech world, and managed the viral marketing of a single YouTube video.


For example, Luke Lappala is one of INK’s specialists who just made Business Insider’s top 50 PR Tech pros, an honor coming from tech journalists themselves. Luke has been cited as being a “walking Rolodex” with his pitching expertise always on point and relevant.  

But he’s not alone.  Great publicists share certain traits that separate them from the pack.  We’ve shared a few that we look for below:

1. Having great news instincts…whether a generalist or specialist, knowing what is news worthy to the media targeted.

2. Making sure the information is well thought out and supported by facts, not puffery…informing, not selling. 

3. Knowing how to always match the correct media with the pitch.

4. Being persistent but not overly aggressive with your pitches & follow-up.  (Respect others time and deadlines.)

5. Being an amazing facilitator for making interviews and elements for the story come together for the media and the client.  



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