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A different kind of PR firm.

No billable hours & timesheets, no endless meetings, no mass-distributed press releases.

Just hits.

We call it PR without the BS.

INK is a different kind of public relations agency—one dedicated first and foremost to placing our growing clients’ stories within targeted earned media. INK’s goal: to get clients media coverage–“ink” as we call it–and lots of it. We’ve been doing it for nearly thirty years. And doing it better than anyone- delivering credible media coverage in traditional print and broadcast, online, and podcasts quickly and consistently–all under client-friendly compensation packages. INK is based in the heartland but with big national and international talent. INK’s full-time media professionals are located in key media centers around the country–San Francisco, Los Angeles (LA & Orange County), New York, Boston, Florida, as well as Europe and the Far East.

What really makes INK special…

  • We’re laser-focused on results – solid publicity placements that create credible content in the key media our clients desire. We carefully research and pitch individual media – no blasting press releases.
  • We offer custom-tailored compensation packages that meet our clients’ budget needs – including pay-for-performance.
  • Our accounts are staffed exclusively with senior-level PR pros, most with media experience. We have the contacts, but more importantly, we know how to gain their attention.
  • We do not bill by the hour. There is never a meter running.
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