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Senior-level experience.

Our talent pool is deep, extensive, and experienced. Our network of earned media consultants and specialists are senior professionals, most with actual newsroom experience, working virtually across the U.S. They’re made up of former producers and publicists from the New York and LA national network news staffs.

They’re business journalists that have covered the Fortune 500 and the next big thing in technology. They’re publicists from the rarefied world of entertainment… movies, television, and star power. They’re tough, experienced reporters from the wire services and newspaper staffs of major metropolitan dailies and small local media outlets, and from small market radio stations to National Public Radio.

INK’s pros have covered everything from presidential visits and foreign wars to two-headed pigs in Iowa. From major software and funding announcements in the tech world to managing the viral marketing of a single YouTube video, these veteran news pros know how to navigate the new media complexities and the old media realities, and most importantly, they know how to get the coverage others can’t.

Dick Grove

Founder & CEO

Ryan Gerding
President & Chief Operating Officer

Rachel Link
Director of Media

Amy Sarnell
Director of Business Development

Our full-time network of senior-level PR experts are located in key media centers around the world.

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