There are certain seminal moments in your life which will always be pressed into your memory as to where you were and what you were doing…the JFK and RFK assassinations, the moon landing, etc. The same can be said for seminal moments in your professional life…your first job interview, your first raise, or even your first dumb mistake. Well, one of my most memorable professional moments occurred in early October,1993, when I received a call during lunch from a client’s board member, who also happened to be the national chairman of the second largest charitable organization in America, the United Jewish Appeal. A call which changed my life as a PR professional and as a human being. Twenty-nine years later the impact of that call – almost a million lives saved with the nearly one billion dollars raised – continues to resonate with me and the people involved.

Thanks to Dusty Weis and his Lead Balloon Podcast, I’ve been able to share this incredible story of when PR and solid media outreach not only made a real difference, but actually saved lives.

Part 1 – Intro

Part 2 – United Jewish Appeal

Part 3 – Ron Friedman on Operation Exodus II

Part 4 – The Plan

Part 5 – The Results and How To Overcome Exhaustion

Part 6 – The Book and Wrapping Up

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