And After 25 Years, INK is Changing with Them

Twenty-five years. Two and a half decades. We’re talking a quarter of a century. Hard to say, let alone realize it’s been this long since INK PR first hung out its shingle as a renegade PR firm dedicated to delivering solid press coverage in the biggest and most desired media – newspapers, magazines, and local and national networks – while never charging an hourly fee. INK reinvented the old PR agency model with only the best and the brightest senior-level PR pros working remotely while sharing in the financial risk with their clients. We not only survived against the odds, but thrived and have grown into a major player, while never losing our renegade identity.

But as Dylan sang so eloquently, “the times they are a changin” and INK is making some changes to make sure we stay always ahead of the curve and never fall behind. One of the most visible changes is INK’s new website. Somewhere around the end of the third quarter, we came to the decision that if INK was going to continue to be unique and even more successful over the next couple of decades, we needed to clean up and modernize our face to the world. We didn’t need to change what we had been saying for the last twenty-five years, but we sure needed to change how we say it and make it more compelling in a more modern way. We did a deep dive and mercilessly eliminated what we believed was no longer working and what, frankly, was outdated. It was like going through a house you’ve lived in for decades and tossing all those items you’ve gotten used to but no longer need in today’s fast-paced society. Terminology, visuals, the ways we describe ourselves, and engagement with the reader…all were scrutinized, and many were cast aside.

The result, has a new look, more animation, a stronger call to action, and most importantly, a new way of saying what INK has always been – senior-level PR media experts driving consistent, credible, earned media content for its growth-oriented clients.

If you’re one of our many clients or a company looking for a great PR firm wanting great media coverage, we hope you agree; and look forward to hearing from you.

Here’s to a prosperous and healthy new year,

Dick Grove

INK PR Founder and CEO

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