Time for a little patting of ourselves on the back. INK uses an online service called Qwoted to interact with reporters who are looking for sources for stories. They have about 40,000 people participating, and for the second quarter of 2022 we were named to their top 100, celebrating the best of the best in communications.

Their scoring was based on:

Response speed to media
Number of positive interactions/conversations with media
Reporter ranking
Hit rate of pitches to positive replies from the media

In short, we gave reporters relevant and timely info that helped them. And it resulted in some great earned media placements for our clients.

I’d like to think that part of this recognition stems from the fact that we don’t inundate reporters with pitches that are off the mark. Believe me, the temptation is there. It’s easy to say to a reporter, “hey, I saw you are looking for an expert to talk about topic X, and while I don’t have the exact expert you’re looking for, I do have someone who is kind of related and has great insight to share.” This happens all…the…time. And it drives reporters bonkers.

Think about what your response would be if you went to McDonald’s, ordered a quarter pounder, and the cashier said, “Hey, I saw you wanted a quarter pounder. I don’t have any quarter pounders, but I do have a spinach salad that I think would be great.” That would probably be the last time you go there. It works that way with reporters, too.

I’m proud that our PR firm made the cut for the Qwoted 100. Here’s to the pitches sent…and not sent…that earned us the recognition.

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