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INK Lands Major National Media Coverage for Securing Water for Food

Securing Water for Food

Securing Water for Food is an experimental program that is a partnership between the U.S. Government, Sweden, South Africa, and the Netherlands aimed at helping farmers around the world grow more food with less water. This innovative program incorporates a Shark Tank style competition that awards agricultural entrepreneurs money to help grow their companies. If they meet very strict benchmarks for customer growth, outside investment, and other metrics, they receive more money. If they don’t, they’re out of the program.

Securing Water for Food wanted help publicizing the unique program and its successes, and highlighting some of the innovative entrepreneurs who had received support from the program.

INK is Results

Major media placements secured included a feature article on Forbes.com, a marketing article that appeared in more than 30 local Business Journal newspapers nationwide, a profile of the program in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, and two features on a Securing Water for Food innovator that appeared on CNN television and on CNN.com

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