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Laurie Singer Behavioral Services

Laurie Singer (M.S., LMFT, BCBA) is a licensed Psychotherapist, Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and Family/Child therapist who heads the successful and long-established Laurie Singer Behavioral Services, Inc. in Camarillo, CA.

Laurie’s first book, the recently released You’re Not Crazy: Living with Anxiety, Obsessions and Fetishes, leans on actual case studies from her practice and provides readers tips and exercises on how to serve as their own “therapist.”

Laurie came to INK to help increase visibility for her practice, for her book, and for her as a trusted subject matter expert.

To date, INK’s efforts have landed coverage in more than a dozen publications including Business Insider, US News and World Report, The Healthy, the Choose Your Struggle Podcast, and many many more.

In addition, INK has handled Laurie Singer’s social media accounts. In five months, social media engagements have increased 1,270%.

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