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Fashionable, Functional Outerwear Lands Multiple Stories In Local Markets


G95 makes fashionable, functional outerwear with built-in filtration technology to help protect against pollution, allergens, smoke, bacteria, and other harmful materials. These products became increasingly popular following the outbreak of the coronavirus throughout the world in early 2020. Health officials in many areas recommended that people wear some kind of protective mouth covering any time they went outside.

G95 wanted media coverage that highlighted the unique properties of its product line, as well as elevated the profile of the business overall. The company also asked INK to help publicize the fact that, as a result of supply chain issues with Chinese manufacturers impacted by the coronavirus shut down overseas, G95 was moving the majority of its production to a manufacturing facility in the United States.

INK is Results

INK’s initial outreach resulted in a featured story in the Wall Street Journal and several favorable product reviews, including Outside Magazine.

Once the coronavirus pandemic hit, we landed multiple stories in local markets in Michigan, where G95’s manufacturing plant was located.

That was followed by profile pieces on CNBC, and in Fast Company.

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