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INK Turns EPR Properties Into Media Stars, Talking About the Movie Industry

EPR Properties

Entertainment Properties Trust is a Real Estate Investment Trust that develops, owns, leases, and finances properties—many of which are megaplex movie theaters and out of home entertainment venues.  

EPR Properties is a publicly traded company.  Their primary goal with public relations was to reach investors and potential investors, highlighting the expertise of company executives in the space.

While EPR is connected to an exciting industry (movies and entertainment), the company does NOT make movies, distribute movies, or even operate movie theaters.  Simply offering an expert on certain types of retail real estate would not be enough to get major business news outlets interested.

But, a portion of EPR’s movie theater ownership income wass based on how well their movie theaters perform.  Because EPR had ‘skin in the game’, we were able to offer the CEO as an expert on the business of movies and movie theaters.  We focused our pitching on times when movies and the movie industry were top of mind for big business outletsBy securing interviews that focused on EPR’s knowledge of the business of movies, we allowed time in those interviews for the CEO to talk more specifically about the company and the opportunities it presents to investors.

INK is Results

INK has secured dozens of media placements in major business news media outlets including feature interviews on CNBC, Fox Business Network, The New York Times, and many others.

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