By Dick Grove

Going organic is great if you’re concerned about the food you’re putting in your body; but not so great if you’re a start-up company needing all-important media coverage to launch your business. Organic has become this trendy word within start-ups that implies media coverage which occurs “organically” without an apparent outside influence other than the uniqueness of the company or product itself. Immaculate conception as it were. Almost miraculous if it happens.

The problem is it seldom does. And early stage companies who rely on this miracle for their all-important early growth and investment are left behind by their competitors who are marketing themselves by being proactive with their media outreach…usually through professional PR pros. PR pros who know how to make their story the most attractive to the media that will most likely be interested. Early-stage companies who manage the narrative of their story through the media are the ones most likely to succeed. 

If you’re a company contemplating going “organic” for your media coverage, some thoughts…

  • Customer inquiries seldom, if ever, happen organically in the crowded US marketplace.
  • Media coverage initiated by PR professionals informs, educates, and compels customers to act.
  • Media coverage translates to third party credibility.
  • Media coverage enhances search engine visibility (backlinks, etc.) further compelling customers to act.
  • Media coverage can be merchandised through social media channels and sales materials.

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