PR & Media Relations Campaign Case Study for MFPA USA


Mouth and Foot Painting Artists USA is a for-profit business that provides income to talented artists across the country who, because of accident or birth circumstances, are unable to use their hands to paint. Instead, these inspiring artists paint with brushes held by either their mouths or feet. Artwork created by these artists is available for purchase in the form of holiday cards, calendars and other items.


The bulk of the revenue MFPA generates comes during the fall and winter months when millions of holiday cards are shipped to people all over the world. Recipients have the option of using the cards and paying for their use after the fact. MFPA engaged INK to help secure major local and national coverage of the artists, the program, and most importantly the products in a short window covering the fall and early winter of 2019.


The biggest challenge is the time factor. Because the news media work on their own calendars, it can be very tough to time placement of a story to fall in the exact window of time that will be best for the client. Another challenge specific to MFPA is that, quite simply, they’ve been around a while and have already secured major coverage in national news media outlets in the past.

In order to make the MFPA program as newsworthy as possible to the media, our press relations company focused attention on a handful of artists whose work had been selected to appear in the 2019 holiday card and calendar mailings…in particular artists who lived in major news media markets where coverage would reach the largest potential audience. Chicago was one of those markets. We pitched local media on the selection of one local artist, Mariam Pare, for the 2019 mailings. Our press relations experts focused on broadcast outlets because those tend to be the best way to tell the highly visual MFPA story. In addition, INK worked with the client to compile all the elements needed for one major national broadcast piece on CBS Sunday Morning.


The highlight of our 2019 marketing PR services was the below profile on MFPA, which aired in December 2019 on CBS Sunday Morning, an outlet that hit the exact sweet spot for the typical audience that buys MFPA products. Our press relations work in Chicago paid off as well. Three of the four local news stations in town ran profiles. This included this piece, which originally aired on WBBM, and was then syndicated nationwide on 108 more local stations throughout the U.S.



Paralyzed by Bullet, Artist Mariam Pare Becomes Master Of Painting With Her Mouth

Authority Magazine

Social Impact Heroes: Jim March of the Association of Mouth Foot Painting Artists.

“It is always a great pleasure to say to your Public Relations company at the end of a year… JOB WELL DONE!!!! 2019 was indeed a ‘job well done’ by the team at INK. Their expertise, professionalism, and enthusiasm can only earn the highest of my praise.”

James March
Director of the North American operations of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

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