How some brands are targeting their audience while remaining sensitive to a worldwide pandemic.

Let’s face it, this whole Covid-19 pandemic sucks! I am fortunate to work in the PR industry where web meetings and internet access are all that is required to connect with team members and clients, conduct research, and connect with the media to produce results. Looking at what is trending in marketing is a passion of mine. When I come across great campaigns that reach my demographic, I like to share them with our team. Seeing how other companies are handling situations like this helps me formulate ideas for our own clients when working with their internal teams. This pandemic has brought out the best in brands by building campaigns with great messaging and engagement while helping communities and giving back in a meaningful way. Here are a few of my favorites so far:

Denny’s uses gaming to engage their audience and deliver fun and discounts

As you can imagine, video game sales have skyrocketed as people are stuck at home. In fact, Sales of video games, consoles, accessories and software was up 35 percent in March to over to $1.6 billion, compared with the year-earlier period, according to market research firm NPD Group, which found that figure to be the largest March sales number of the category since 2008. Denny’s decided it wanted to take advantage of that trend by gaming on PS4 and Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch where it plays as Dennys247. The diner brand is giving codes and discounts to the people it connects within the gaming community.

Trip Advisor Launches #LoveYourLocal to Help Restaurants and Hotels

The travel industry is obviously struggling, as many other industries are, and Trip Advisor wants to help. The company is urging its members to assist the industry by asking its members to purchase gift cards, which can help restaurants and hotels get through the short-term with rent and employee payments. In addition it is asking its members to write reviews and guides of their favorite restaurants, bars, and cafes. The Tripadvisor Foundation will give $1 million to support companies in communities around the world that have been most impacted by the coronavirus. As part of the effort, the Foundation will give $1, for up to $150,000, for each Tripadvisor review posted or for the number of shares of the #LoveYourLocal hashtag on social media to World Central Kitchen and The Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation.

Lowes Launches #BuildThanks Campaign

Lowes has asked its customers to give a special thanks to those red vest associates and health care workers with campaigns. Not only did they commit a whopping $170 million to coronavirus relief, but the home improvement retailer also has a new commercial showing off do-it-yourself thank you signs that customers have made. In the commercial they ask customers to make a thank you message of their own with DIY signs. They have also begun using the hashtag #BuildThanks alongside the campaign to highlight their efforts and have even pulled in celebs like Kevin Love and Kristen Bell to back the campaign. 

Procter and Gamble Launches #Distance Dance to Remind  Gen Z  to Socially Distance

It started as a request from Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to P&G Co. Chairman-CEO David Taylor to find a way to get Gen Z to social distance. P&G teamed up with TikTok, and social media influencer, Charli D’Ameliois to promote the #DistanceDance challenge. Charli D’Amelio is the most followed person on TikTok.  Her message “Stay home & do the #DistanceDance,” D’Amelio captioned the post, “Tag me & the hashtag in your video. P&G will donate to Feeding America & Matthew 25 for the first 3M videos.” TikTok video has 8.7 billion… BILLION WITH A B…  views to date globally and 1.7 million response videos. 


We all miss sports, a lot, and the NFL gave us a sense of normalcy with the NFL draft. Although many said it was tone-deaf of the NFL to still put on this annual event, the NFL went forward with a digital draft featuring cameras in the houses of general managers, coaches, draftees, and of course the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. There were worries of delays, technical errors, and more but the NFL Draft went on seamlessly. It was a great effort by the NFL, ESPN and everyone involved and something fans of sports and football desperately needed. The virtual draft shattered records, which is to be expected with everyone at home, pulling in 55 million viewers, up 32% from 2019.  


Although times have been tough, companies around the world are finding ways to come together and help customers and employees alike. Through new messaging, campaigns, and by giving back companies are finding ways to adapt to the Coronavirus pandemic in meaningful ways for everyone involved. Check out our recent Blog  TO PITCH OR NOT TO PITCH 

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