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Where there is a business that solves a problem, there is usually an interesting story behind the why. It’s one of the things that stands out about  Borrowed & Blue.  Founders Christin and Adam Healey were planning their wedding and came across several wedding sites full of inspiration and separate vendor listing sites but found that there wasn’t a site that tied the two together by location. So they built one! 

“We dreamed up Borrowed & Blue to be the wedding resource we wish existed when we were planning our own soiree in 2011.  We want your engagement to be fun, beautiful, and hassle-free, so you can focus on what is truly most important – each other!”-Co-Founder, Christin Healey

Launched in Charlottesville, Borrow & Blue has expanded to 66 different markets across the United States, allowing couples to search locally for wedding inspiration by type of wedding, venue, color scheme and connecting with local businesses that make couple’s important day a reality.

INK will be working to help Borrowed & Blue increase their visibility among engaged couples in several targeted local markets as well as wedding and technology trade media interested in their unique solution. 

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