Is it November again? Has the year gone this fast? Time, indeed, does accelerate the older you become. There is no way of disguising this… twenty years. Two decades. That’s how long I’ve been penning my thoughts around the Thanksgiving holiday to my associates, my friends, and my clients…many of whom I’m proud to call my friends.

It’s been an interesting year beginning on the upside with my Chiefs winning another Super Bowl. That was it. Then we quickly sank into two major global wars reeking havoc and death upon civilians, a horrendous tragedy in my beautiful Maui, a bitter dysfunctional Congress, and almost unprecedented indictments against a former president of the United States and his sycophants that endanger the foundation of American democracy itself. Against this backdrop of almost surreal happenings, we move cautiously into a general election where the two likely candidates will be a rehash of four years previously only nearly a half decade older.

So what am I thankful for this holiday? Plenty…

This beautiful old country with its ever changing demographic complexity and sense of humanity will survive these latest challenges as it has so many times in the past. Of that I am certain. We will adapt to a changing global economy driven by new technologies that will continue to fortify America’s leadership position. A new generation of leaders, innovators, and managers are already shifting into positions of power. And it will be the impact and fairness of their ideas, not the brutishness of their fists which will prevail. Of that I am also certain. Yes, I’m an optimist…and unabashedly so. That’s one of the privileges and perspectives of getting older…knowledge, wisdom, and optimism that the pendulum always swings back to the middle.

For me personally, I continue to be thankful for each new day of healthful energy and curiosity and for the blessings I’ve been so fortunate to receive… and not always deserved. But always appreciated. For the ability, and capability, to still be productive. For my family and lifelong friends and those who have passed, and clients who continue to challenge and amaze me. I am especially thankful for all of you who have stuck by me on this continuing journey.

Have a wonderful and plentiful Thanksgiving!


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