Why DEI has become so prevalent in the media recently and why you should expect more of it.

Most major media outlets have begun to include a diversity section within their publication, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, USA Today, The New York Times, etc. Publications such as Bloomberg went above and beyond to foster an inclusive environment by recently requiring gender and racial diversity at editorial board meetings.

While the Equal Opportunity Act of 1964 may have introduced DEI legal requirements to the corporate world decades ago, DEI initiatives have been swept under the rug and remain behind closed doors until recently. Social movements such as #metoo and Black Lives Matter have raised awareness to the importance of diversity and inclusion, globally, and beyond the workplace.

Studies have shown DEI initiatives can increase productivity, innovation and a richer life experience. As the corporate world continues to embrace this, other organizations and society as a whole recognize the importance of a more inclusive mentality.

Different perspectives may change your opinion for the better.

With a background in politics, I am no stranger to differing opinions. But a piece of wisdom I’ll always carry with me is the metaphor of how the tension from both sides of a guitar string creates a harmonious chord. By allowing people from various backgrounds to be heard, it opens the door to a new way of thinking – usually resulting in an even better end result.

No one wants to be left out.

Not only just in the latest trends, technology, and social movements, but feeling excluded from society and relationships as well. That childhood fear of being picked last in dodgeball has never truly gone away. We are social creatures and all want to feel included. There’s a multitude of studies finding that social exclusion may even result in psychological distress and a decrease in health and wellbeing.

DEI initiatives provide a sense of belonging.

Different points of view and a diverse cultural awareness not only amplifies the voices of the unheard, but also offers security, acceptance, and understanding. It gives a real and raw look into the lives of other cultures. This in turn, can give a sense of identity, which as public relations and marketing professionals can understand is the key to overall success and growth.

Having an identity and providing a platform for diversity as a media outlet improves the longevity of any publication. A diverse perspective provides a better representation of each individual reader, which ultimately builds the audience’s trust and the outlet’s credibility. All of which is why DEI has a strong foothold in the media industry and is here to stay.

Here at INK we are proud to represent a company that is at the heart of DEI movements nationwide in Emtrain, a human resources technology platform that tackles tricky workplace culture issues like harassment and bias. It’s not just companies that directly work in the DEI space that can and should be sharing the value of DEI initiatives. All companies that have made a commitment should be talking about this. And that’s valuable because it’s clear the media are listening.

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