Top 3 reasons why grabbing the media’s attention has proved to be more difficult than ever before.

Catching the media’s attention is never an easy task, but has become more difficult over the years. In an age where digital representation is a must, catching the attention of not only the target audience, but also media outlets that cater to that target audience is a never-ending effort.

1. Evolving Media Landscape.

Gone are the days when reading the morning paper while sipping coffee, and tuning in to your 6 p.m. local news after work. With technological advances, news updates are now at the touch of your fingertips and appear just as fast as a notification on your phone. News stations are even creating their own streaming services to keep up with demands. This in turn creates an instant gratification that journalists and PR pros must compete for.

2. What was newsworthy one minute, may be outdated the next.

To keep up with news updates being available 24/7, journalists are now faced with keeping track of the current trends, locally and nationwide on a daily and hourly basis. This also puts a strain on PR efforts as the window to communicate to journalists is extremely small. In fact, according to Muck Rack’s 2022 State of Journalism Report, most journalists want to receive pitches early in the work week and before noon in order to keep up with how fast the news cycle moves. For this reason, PR pros have to respond immediately when a journalist expresses interest. That’s why at INK we have a multitude of senior-level media experts assigned to each client.

3. Journalists are in a pressure cooker environment.

With digital presence, an instant gratification society, and the added pressure of keeping up with current trends, journalists have found themselves stretched thin. According to Muck Rack’s 2022 State of Journalism Report, journalists – on average – cover 4 beats, which is an increase from the previous year. In addition to their primary medium (now including print, online and social media) journalists are also reporting in at least one other outlet such as a newsletter and/or podcast.

So how does INK stand out from the crowd to land placements in the media? Stay tuned for Can you see me now? Pt. II. Top 3 pitching techniques that make INK stand out.

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