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What is Pay for Performance PR?

INK inc. works with all different types of companies with the emphasis on placing positive feature and news stories in national and international business and consumer media and key industry trades. Media relations is our core competency. We offer clients outreach to the full spectrum of local, national, international, and local media in print, broadcast, and online media.  We consider ourselves experts in the media and how it works. We understand producers, journalists, and bloggers because those are the worlds from which we come. While many clients come to us because of our  pay-for-performance model, we understand that some clients require a more integrated program that will require a variety of services to achieve the desired results.  Watch our video to see how pay-for-performance works…


Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Services

We speak all media fluently. Including evolving social media, SEO, and blogger outreach. Today’s clients often need an integrated communications program that may include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogs, etc. 

INK’s  digital marketing department takes a proactive approach with clients to improve their online reputation. From a little to everything… INK offers strategic consulting for an in-house staff all the way to designing and developing a complete turn-key digital marketing program.



Media Training




Media Training

In order to make the most of your media appearances, you have to be ready to deliver compelling answers in person, over the phone, in a studio, or live via satellite. Producers and reporters are looking for good information, of course. But they’re also looking for it to be delivered in a way that’s clear and relatable to their audience…be it someone watching TV at home, or reading an article on their phone.
That can be tough, and that’s where INK’s media training is here to help. Led by an award-winning former TV journalist, INK’s media training sessions are tailored to give you lots of practical experience in real interview settings. You’ll get great insight on everything from what to say to what to wear. You’ll learn what reporters are looking for in a good interview, how to give memorable quotes, and how to increase the chances that you are called on again to share your insight and expertise. And there will be lots of hands-on practice.

About Your Trainer:

INK’s media trainer is our Senior VP of Client Services, Ryan Gerding. Before spending almost 15 years in the PR business, Ryan was an award-winning reporter, photographer, and anchor on local TV stations all over the country. Ryan knows what media outlets want from interviews,  because Ryan has conducted thousands of interviews and can tell you what gets left on the cutting room floor.

Ryan has trained executives from startups to billion-dollar publicly traded companies. He’s even served as a spokesperson for INK clients on national TV.

About your Media Training Session

You’ll have an intense, one on one session designed to take you through all aspects of a broadcast or print interview. You’ll do practice interviews, review what worked and what didn’t, and then have time to implement what you’ve learned in additional practice interviews. Ryan will reveal the single biggest mistake people make in phone interviews (hint: it has nothing to do with what they say), and you’ll see why something as simple as a smile can mean the difference between being a one-time TV guest or being asked back as a regular contributor.



Other Services


If you are going to be a full service PR firm, you’ve got to go beyond your core competency and offer the following… 
Writing & Content Creation

Video Production

Awards Submissions

Press Room Consultation

Speaking/Portfolio Development