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PR & Media Relations Campaign Case Study for Roth and Davies, LLC

Commercial Truck Safety


Roth Davies is a Kansas City area law firm that specializes in personal injury and criminal defense. In particular, the firm has expertise in personal injury cases involving commercial truck crashes. They are experienced litigators, one of whom actually worked to defend trucking companies against lawsuits before deciding to work on behalf of victims instead.


Roth Davies wanted INK’s help raising its profile in the Kansas City media market in two key areas. First, the firm wanted to highlight its expertise in the field of commercial truck safety. If they are seen as experts in the media in trucking safety issues, there’s a good chance potential clients or other attorneys may come to them if there is a legal issue involving the trucking industry. Second, the firm wanted to highlight its expertise in criminal law.



There are hundreds of personal injury and criminal attorneys in the Kansas City metropolitan area, each of whom would love to be interviewed on their expertise. The challenge was to make Roth Davies attorneys stand out to the media. One of the key ways we did this was by tying their expertise to a very hot topic being covered by the local media at the time: medicinal marijuana. When INK’s campaign with Roth Davies began, voters in Missouri had just approved a medicinal marijuana ballot measure. But in Kansas, where half of the metropolitan area was located, medicinal marijuana was not allowed. This led to a lot of confusion over how laws would be enforced, and the challenges placed on employers and citizens alike. INK offered Roth Davies as experts on criminal law involving marijuana, and on issues that could be faced in industries such as transportation. By connecting their expertise to a topic that already had wide interest, we were able to make them valuable sources of information to the media.

    Brandon Davies


    In just a few short months, INK secured major coverage in multiple news outlets in Kansas City and beyond. This included broadcast interviews on local news stations KCTV and WDAF (Kansas City), and KQTV (St. Joseph). And included interviews in the Kansas City Star and the Kansas City Business journal on both marijuana and trucking related topics. We even landed an op-ed on trucking safety aimed at business leaders in the regional business magazine Ingram’s.

    WDAF 4

    Interview with Brandan Davies


    The Safety and Risk Challenge in Trucking

    KQ2 ABC

    Interview with Brandan Davies

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