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We put the “earned” in our earned media marketing. Our public relations firm has a variety of flexible compensation plans, including pay for performance. No matter what, we never charge by the hour.

INK’s Pay-for-Performance Compensation Explained

The video on this page gives a good, short explanation of how the pay-for-performance part of our public relation firm’s services work. In short, we work with you to create a specific list of media targets that we both believe will help you meet your PR goals. Every one of those outlets has a price: the price INK will charge you if–and only if–we are successful in getting you coverage. Large outlets have higher prices. Smaller outlets have smaller prices.

  • You have control over which outlets we target
  • You have control over what story angles we pitch to those outlets.

When we secure positive media coverage for you in an outlet, we send you a bill. If we don’t, all you are obligated to pay is the modest monthly retainer.

INK’s Monthly Retainer Explained

Our public relations firm provides all of our clients with a high level of service from the account launch throughout the term of the agreement. Media relations support services are provided under a modest monthly retainer and include the following services:

  • Media and industry research
  • Media campaign development
  • Messaging and storyline development
  • Media monitoring
  • Writing services (e.g., press releases as needed)
  • Strategic PR consulting and Training
  • Monthly status reports and account administration

An important note: INK does not charge hourly fees. INK clients never have to be concerned that a “meter” is running every time it is necessary to communicate or ask us for assistance.

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