Arise Virtual Solutions-PR Results Case Study

Arise Virtual Solutions/INKinc PRCase Study

Arise Results

Arise Virtual Solutions connects major consumer companies with home-based call center workers in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. Working in a home office environment, these workers handle customer service calls for some of the most recognizable brands in the world (AAA, Carnival Cruise Lines, Time Magazine). The corporate partners benefit by avoiding outsourcing these jobs while maintaining an affordable and professional customer service staff. The at home workers benefit by having the flexibility to work from home, schedule their own hours, and still make a good living.


Arise wanted major national and targeted local publicity to help on two fronts. First, to encourage more people to sign up to become Arise at-home call center agents. Second, to make the major business audience aware that there is an effective and economical alternative to shipping call center jobs overseas.


One of the biggest challenges in getting the Arise story out was convincing the media that the legitimate work from home customer service opportunities were real and not a scam. The “you can make money working from home” industry is fraught with companies that overpromise and under-deliver. That made media outlets skeptical of an opportunity that might have sounded too good to be true. But backed with real life testimonials from Arise workers and an impressive list of name brand companies that used Arise’s at home workers, we had good ammunition to make our case to the media.



Angie Selden – Co-chairman of Arise Virtual Solutions interviewed at the White House round-table discussion on increasing US jobs.

“We urge the administration to appoint a special White House adviser to focus on bringing more virtual or web-based jobs back to the U.S., where workers’ familiarity with American culture results in greater customer satisfaction and cuts the number of calls needed to resolve issues. If I’m trying to get service for a snow blower, odds are very high” someone in India has never seen a snow blower,”Selden said.

—Angie Selden- Co-chairman of Arise Virtual Solutions


INK took a three-pronged approach to raising Arise’s profile in the major business and consumer media.

First, we created targeted company profile pitches offering the expertise of a very media-friendly CEO, Arise’s Angela Selden.

Second, we worked with Arise to identify particularly unique examples of at home workers who thrived under the Arise model. This included everything from single moms to seniors to the families of people serving overseas in the military.

Lastly, we took advantage of breaking news concerning offshoring, employment, and the economy to offer Arise’s executives and insight for stories we knew the media would already be covering.





Arise National News Coverage

National Broadcast Appearances

Arise was scheduled for multiple appearance on MSNBC and FOX News. Arise also appeared in stories on The Today Show, CBS Evening News, CNN and in over a dozen local stations.


Arise Business Press Coverage

Business Coverage includes:

Arise was featured in national media outlets such as, Business News Daily, USA Today,, Bloomberg, Investor’s Business Daily, AOL News and About .com.


Arise Virtual Solutions was invited to the White House as a successful company that has achieved US insourcing.

White House Invite

The White House held a round-table discussion inviting successful businesses to weigh in on different solutions to add US jobs. INK set up interviews with Co-Chairman Angie Selden to discuss ideas such as “homeshoring” that were presented at the discussion.


Built reputation in an industry full of skeptics

As the result of multiple appearances on major broadcast networks, INK raised the profile of Arise Virtual Solutions as being a reputable solution for businesses bringing outsourcing back on shore and training young entrepreneurs for solid income opportunities.


INK worked closely with Arise to identify breaking news events and trends where Arise’s model could be promoted. This resulted in dozens of major national and local stories including CBS Evening News, Fox News Channel, The Today Show, MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg and Investor’s Business Daily.