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Are you looking for an Omaha public relations firm that will deliver on its promises and get you the right kind of coverage at the right price? At INK, we specialize in the client experience, so that means we work hard to provide you with the premium public relations services you’ve been looking for. From square one, we listen to your needs, understand your goals, and work our magic to make the right kind of publicity happen for you at the time you need it most. Trust INK with your public relations needs—we can show you that we are the right choice for your media coverage!

Omaha Public Relations Firm

When you need PR services, you want to work with the very best public relations firm in the Omaha area. At INK, we believe you shouldn’t be charged for PR you’re not getting. We refer to ourselves as an earned media marketing company because we don’t charge you an hourly rate. Rather, we hold firm to a strict policy that we like to call “pay-for-performance,” which means you pay only for the PR and media coverage you get.

INK’s Monthly Retainer Explained

When you come to INK for your public relations services in Omaha, we work together to determine your media targets. Each media target has a different price point, depending on the size, and once we know your targets, you are always able to approve the stories that we run. You are in charge and you always have the final say. Once we secure media coverage, then we send out a bill. Since we’re an earned media marketing company serving Omaha, you never have to be concerned that the “meter” is running when you contact us. When you trust INK with your business, we work hard to accomplish your goals! 

INK is Omaha’s best public relations firm and always has your best interests at heart from start to finish. Are you ready to get the best media coverage at a price point that makes sense? Contact INK today and let us start working for you!

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