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To make the most of your media appearances, you have to be ready to deliver compelling answers in person, over the phone, in-studio, or live via satellite. INK’s media training sessions are tailored to give you practical experience in real interview and public relations settings.

About Your INK Media Training Session

You’ll have an intense, one on one session designed to take you through all aspects of a broadcast or print interview. This session will be customized for you and your business, with public relations, spokesperson, and on camera media training. You’ll do practice interviews, review what worked and what didn’t, and then have time to implement what you’ve learned in additional practice interviews.

Ryan’s media training course will reveal the single biggest mistake people make in phone interviews (hint: it has nothing to do with what they say), and you’ll see why something as simple as a smile can mean the difference between being a one-time TV guest or being asked back as a regular contributor. This program is ideal for industry experts, company spokespersons, CEOs or anyone else who is authorized to speak on behalf of your company. Our Media training can be done in individual or group sessions.

About Your Trainer

INK’s media trainer is our President, Director of Operations, Ryan Gerding. Before spending almost 15 years in the PR business, Ryan was an award-winning reporter, photographer, and anchor on local TV stations all over the country.

Ryan knows what media outlets want from company spokespersons and interviews because Ryan has conducted thousands of interviews and can tell you what gets left on the cutting room floor.

Ryan has done PR training with executives from startups to billion-dollar publicly traded companies. He’s even served as a spokesperson for INK clients on national TV.

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