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When it comes to earned media marketing, you can rest assured that our Kansas City public relations firm will go to work for you to earn your trust and business. INK offers several flexible compensation plans, meaning for the work we do you will never pay an hourly rate. When you need positive PR coverage in Kansas City, turn to the professionals at INK.

Featured here is a video that gives a short, yet thorough explanation of how the pay-for-performance component of our public relation’s firm works for your business in Kansas City. Public relations firms often charge an hourly rate, but not at INK. When you come to us for public relation services, we will work with you to create a specific list of media targets, so that you can meet all your goals now and into the future. Each media target has its own price depending on how large or small it is, but regardless, we will only charge you if we are able to successfully get you coverage on one of them.

  • We listen to you and we will only target the outlets you choose. 
  • Once targets are chosen, you have control over the story angles we pitch to them. 

Once our Kansas City earned media marketing company can secure positive media coverage for you, we will send out a bill. If for any reason, we are not able to secure the coverage, you will just owe us a modest monthly retainer.

INK’s Monthly Retainer Explained

Our Kansas City public relations firm is dedicated to providing the best service for each account throughout the entire term of the agreement. INK offers media relations support services for a moderate monthly retainer fee and each client can anticipate: 

  • Media and industry research
  • Media campaign development
  • Messaging and storyline development
  • Media monitoring
  • Writing services (e.g., press releases as needed)
  • Strategic PR consulting and Training
  • Monthly status reports and account administration

Important notice: INK does not charge an hourly fee. Our clients should never worry that a “meter” is running when they contact us for assistance or to inquire about services.

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