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When you make media appearances for your company, brand, or yourself, it is vital to be prepared to provide compelling answers and interact with your interviewer. When you hire INK for our Kansas City media training sessions, we will work with you carefully to craft responses whether you are appearing on TV, in person, over the phone, or via satellite.

About Your Kansas City Media Training Session

To begin, we will conduct a one-on-one session in which you are taken through the aspects of the broadcast or print interview. From here, our team will design a custom session which is tailored to your business that includes a spokesperson, on camera media training, and Kansas City public relations training. We will assist you with practice interviews and review the aspects of the session that worked and those that did not, so that you can take these lessons into additional practice interviews.
INK’s media training course is designed to help people identify the biggest mistake people make during phone interviews and how a smile can make the difference between appearing one-time or being asked back as a regular contributor. Our program is perfect for CEOs, company spokespersons, or anyone who is authorized to speak for your company or brand. We offer our Kansas City media training sessions for individuals or they can be done as a group.

About Your Trainer

INK’s media sessions are conducted by our very own Kansas City spokesperson, the President and Director of Operations, Ryan Gerding. Ryan has worked in the PR business for almost 15 years and was working as a reporter, photographer, and a local TV anchor prior to setting in on his current career path.
As an expert in the field, Ryan can explain what media outlets are looking for during interviews and what should be left out. He has conducted thousands of interviews and can give you the tools needed to succeed.
Ryan has worked with clients for PR training, from CEOs of startups to multi-billion dollar corporations, and he has even served as a spokesperson for our clients on national TV.

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