Freedom Is Not Free

PR & Media Relations Campaign Case Study for Freedom Is Not Free


Freedom Is Not Free is a non-profit organization whose goal is to raise money for wounded American veterans who have served overseas and their families. The calendar featured Recon Marines who were passionate about the cause, and profits went directly towards helping soldiers around the United States.


INK’s mission was to increase the dollar value of donations received that could support the ever-growing number of wounded soldiers by raising the visibility of the need for their support.

The biggest hurdle to overcome was virtually impossible to reconcile: the controversial nature of the war in Iraq and keeping the focus away from whether or not the war on terror was justified or right timing. The war was an evergreen topic in the news, and many people had grown weary. 


INK took advantage of the upcoming release of the movie “The Marine,” and “Veteran’s Day”, to kick off our campaign by scheduling a media tour in New York securing many interviews with major broadcast news and entertainment shows.

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, we switched gears and pitched the Gift Guides. Americans are never more giving than during the holiday season. INK positioned the calendar as great “eye candy” that gives back.

Shifting gears, Barnes and Noble Bookstores decided to carry the calendar for the holidays. INK immediately went to work scheduling calendar signings in top markets and in the home towns of our calendar heroes.

The campaign was so successful that we were invited to represent the next calendar and between the two our coverage helped raise more than $750,000 in donations in two separate campaigns. Mission accomplished!


More than 34 articles in national, trade and business publications including a profile piece on ABC Radio, multiple company contributed pieces, funding coverage, and business leadership coverage. Here are a few highlights.

Fox News

Interview with Recon Marines that posed for the calendar of non-profit Freedom Is Not Free to support wounded Veterans

In Touch Weekly

Increasing Productivity with Technology

The Kansas City Star

“Effort And Persistence Are The Most Important Things To Look For As a Startup”, Entrepreneurial lessons with Drew DeWalt

“Just non-stop…this photo-shoot or this interview…Fox News, The Today Show, press all over the country, press all over the world in a short amount of time INK was able to bring these forces to bear and it made the calendar very

Sgt. Rudy Reyes
Recon Marine served 3 tours of duty, cover model on the calendar

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