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INK has worked with clients in a variety of industries in achieving maximum results with our business PR services.

G-95 Bioscarf



Emtrain is a Bay Area human resources technology platform that provides training and data to help companies deal with tricky workplace culture issues like harassment and bias. Emtrain’s customers include companies like Netflix and the New York Times. Their technology takes a snapshot of employee attitudes toward the workplace culture and sets a benchmark that companies can use to measure against after training programs are delivered.




G95 wanted media coverage that highlighted the unique properties of its product line, as well as elevated the profile of the business overall.

The company also asked INK to help publicize the fact that, as a result of supply chain issues with Chinese manufacturers impacted by the coronavirus shut down overseas, G95 was moving the majority of its production to a manufacturing facility in the United States. 


G-95 Bioscarf
G-95 Bioscarf


Securing Water for Food

Securing Water for Food wanted help publicizing the unique program and its successes, and highlighting some of the innovative entrepreneurs who had received support from the program. Our primary media targets were major national general news and business news outlets. 



Dining Alliance

Dining Alliance wanted to raise its profile as a leading company that is bringing transparency and technology to the food buying industry. They wanted to use PR services for their business to generate stories that highlighted their expertise and value.


Joy Organics

Joy’s goal was to reach potential customers with news and information about their products. In addition, the company wanted to  use PR business services to raise the profile of founder Joy Smith as an expert in the space.



MFPA engaged INK’s media marketing consultants to help secure major local and national coverage of the artists, the program, and most importantly the products in a short window covering the fall and early winter of 2019.



Rhumbix wanted to raise their profile in their industry driving business, investment and partnerships and establish themselves as thought leaders in construction technology space.


Marula – The Leakey Collection

A premium beauty oil with higher levels of antioxidants and omega 9-acid. INK was tasked with building an integrated PR & Social Media program launching the “new nut” in beauty.


Freedom Is Not Free

Freedom Is Not Free is a non-profit organization whose goal is to raise money for wounded American veterans. INK’s mission was to promote sales of a beefcake calendar of Recon Marines. 


True Link

True Link is a service that protects seniors from becoming victims of fraud, identity theft, and scams by providing financial tools for older adults and their families. True Link provides real-time monitoring of seniors’ bank accounts to detect suspicious activity.

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