Media Relations Experts

We’re looking for media relations professionals that have great news instincts, established media contacts, and a track record of placing stories in national and local media…all kinds…print, broadcast, online.Whether you’re an established solo publicist,  a media relations agency, or a member of the media considering a change, consider INK. 

Our clients range from business/finance t0 consumer, healthcare to technology, and travel to beauty/fashion products. We are generalists with vast knowledge of the media that serves all industries. 

If you are successful in placing media coverage with a variety of clients and love the independence that INK’s Media Relations Partnership Program offers, please fill out our short form and we will be in touch. 




Internship Program

What they don’t teach you about the media in the classroom, INK’s internship program does!

At INK, we have a group of public relations professionals who will show you how our focus on media differs from other public relations firms.  It’s very easy to create a huge list and blast a pitch out to thousands of reporters. At INK, we don’t do that.  You will learn how to research media that targets the correct audience the client wants to reach using key industry tools. We provide in-depth knowledge of how to pitch journalist and producers and what they look for in a pitch.  

Interns participate in brainstorms, collaborate on pitch angles and conduct in-depth media research. You will be introduced to a variety of industries and conduct backgrounder research on potential clients, and more! Best of all, INK gives interns the ability each week to sit down with professionals with 20+ years in the business for the expressed reason to learn.   

We have built an educational program offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semester. We recommend 2 days minimum per week, to maximize the benefits of your internship. 

What do we need from you? Fill out our submission form 

You will be asked to upload a Cover Letter and Resume as well as writing samples that you wish to present to us.