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Hair Club is one of the most iconic brands in the personal care space. With a wide range of products designed to treat hair loss in men and women, Hair Club helps its customers regain confidence, youthfulness, and happiness.


Build visibility and credibility in the mainstream press to promote Hair Club products, services, and expertise. Raise the profile of new CEO Fraser Clarke who replaced iconic CEO Cy Sperling when the company was purchased.


Overcoming traditional stereotypes of the “hair piece” and “plugs” when it comes to hair replacement options. Educating the public Hair Club is meant for women as well. Educating the public Hair Club’s new “spa” concept that includes hair cuts, scalp messages and shampoos and creams for customers.




“Democrats have a lock on ’08 presidential hair.”


—The Washington Times


INK’s campaign focused on highlighting Hair Club’s CEO and his industry expertise, making major outlets aware of the new spa concept, and taking advantage of news stories involving hair products. We even used the news angle of the presidential campaign to include the Hair Club. How? INK offered Hair Club’s chief medical officer to provide his thoughts on the hairstyles (or lack of hairstyles) of the major candidates running in the Republican presidential primary. Candidates like John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and Mitt Romney offered lots of room for commentary.



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Live Interview on Fox News Channel

Live Interview on Fox News Channel reviewing the hairstyles of the major Republican Presidential Candidates. The same story also ran in the WSJ and UPI.



INK case study results

Feature Story on CEO

Feature story on CEO Fraser Clark, his business background, and leadership philosophy in the Sunday New York Times.


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Feature story on New Spa Concept

Feature story on the new spa concept appeared on CNBC and


Total Media coverage:  Boston Herald “Make Dad Smile with Special Gift”,  New York Times “Early Start on Fast Track”, The Wall Street Journal -“Minor Memos”, CBS Early Show, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, UPI, The Washington Times, Raleigh-News & Observer.

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